House & Gardens The List Award for Design Excellence 2022

Laura Stephens

Interior Design

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How does a consultation work?

Consultations will take place on Zoom video calls. Prior to the scheduled consultation, you will receive a link via email to join the video call. From there, you’ll be able to show your space, ask questions and get feedback/advice. There is not a set structure for how you utilise your time; consultations are meant to be collaborative and tailored to your needs and taste.

How do I prepare for my consultation?

We suggest you put together a simple presentation and/or Pinterest board that includes photos of the space you need help with and questions you’d like answered. We ask that you send this ahead of your online consultation so we have time to get to grips with your space and style and can offer practical advice from the get go. Some people also include floor plans, sketches and any furniture they have already that needs to be considered in the schemes.

How do I show you my space?

It is easier and more efficient to send us photos and/or videos of your space ahead of time. You can also walk us through your space whilst on the video call. A floorplan, if available, is very useful. If you don’t have one to hand, a simple sketch is fine!

What will I receive after my consultation?

You will receive a summary of what we have discussed in a document with ideas and further suggestions all in one place for you to refer back to.

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